So as many of you know I met Misha back in April at the Calgary Expo, but I what I didn’t tell you was the amazing story that went with it. 

Here it goes. 

The first thing I got to do with Misha was the photo op. Shyla and I were shaking and freaking out when it was finally our turn after standing in line for about 40 minutes. 

When we finally got to him we hugged him and I said, “Misha!! Can we do a pyramid?” 

"Yea!" he gave us a stupid big grin and climbed on top to our backs and that lovely photo came to be. We thanked him and I said "We’ll see you later for autographs!" and he said, "See you then!" and waved. 

As we’re walking out fangirling over our picture we go out the back door to walk back to the actually expo centre and we lucked out and met John Barrowman as he was arriving for his photo op session. We spoke with him briefly and I hugged him but he was sitting down so I was sort of on his lap and just dsfkjsa it was amazing. 

So after doing more expo-y things we deicide to head for Misha’s autograph before we did anything else. 

Now, I was very conflicted about what I was going to get Misha to sign the night before. I wanted it to be meaningful and memorable for that both of us. I decided on my quill, one of my favourite possessions. 

I want to be an author, I want to write books and tell stories for the rest of my life. And to me, my quill represents just that. Misha in my opinion is all about living your life to the fullest and having a damn good time while you’re at it. 

As Shyla and I are making our way up the line, I can see him signing for other fans and my heart was just pounding. I’m was hoping he’ll ask why the quill but as the same time I hoped he didn’t because I was so nervous I didn’t know if I’d be able to articulate exactly how much it meant to me. 

Shyla goes first and Misha signs the photo we had taken earlier. He grins when he sees us again and greets us with an enthusiastic hey! 

I hand the lid of my quill box to the girl sitting next to Misha, she spells out my name on a sticky note and puts it on the inside of the box and waits for Misha to finish with Shyla’s autograph. 

She asks me, “why this?”

before I even open up my mouth, Misha turns and faces me to give me his full attention. He did that little head tilt thing and waited my response. 

"Well," my voice shook like crazy and I almost couldn’t hear my own words, "Misha, to me you are the essence of following your dreams and that’s what I want to do. I want to write books and for you to sign my symbol of those dreams would just be so inspirational and encouraging for me," 

Misha eyes widened and he went, “aweh!” as happily he took the box and wrote my name. He paused and asked where the actual quill was and if he could see it, so I handed him my most loved possession. 

He gingerly took it out of it’s box and admired it while asking if it worked and saying how beautiful it was. 

I just stood there in shock as one of my favourite people in the world admired my quill. 

"Want me to sign the actual feather?" he asked with that stupidly cute head tilt

"I don’t know… can you?"

He hesitated, “I don’t think I’ve ever signed a feather before .. ugh well I’ll be super careful I promise!! may I?”

I nodded then Misha ever so careful sketched his name into the feather, he honestly spent 2-3 minutes making sure he wasn’t messing it up. He muttered to himself the whole time, stuff like “shit!” “okay, slow down,” “ARUGH too fast too fast” 

He handed the quill and the bottom half of the box back to me and looked at the top half that was still sitting in front of him. “Oh I’ll sign this too!” 

I could see him signing it and writing something, but I was so excited that I couldn’t see what. He handed the top back to me and asked for a hug. Of course I agreed and held him tightly and thanked him again. 

I felt feeling elated and happier than I have in a long time. I clutched the box to my chest then a few minutes later opened it to admire it. Only to see. 

follow your dreams. 

I will Misha, I promise. Your name will definitely be in the acknowledgements of my novel. Thank you so much. 



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